Local Scottsdale Dentist Facing 8 Felony Charges is Still Practicing

Scottsdale dentist Daniel Gold was recently charged with 8 different felony counts of fraud when a woman accused him of breaking into her car, stealing her mail, then changing her postal address to his own. As it turns out, it’s just one one more accusation against a man with a surprisingly long criminal history. Scottsdale […]

Why Should You Fix Misaligned Teeth?

Many people believe that fixing their smile will improve their appearance and self-esteem. While that’s true, it’s not the only reason to correct the problem. Misaligned teeth are more than a cosmetic issue. They could lead to other, potentially serious, health problems. Getting misaligned teeth fixed won’t just improve your smile; it could protect your […]

Teeth Bleaching Dos And Don’ts

Many people dream of having a set of shiny, white teeth. Such attributes often indicate a clean healthy mouth. Moreover, a handsome smile improves your general appearance. Your Phoenix dentist would like to stress that this dream could become reality through a process known as teeth bleaching. That said, this same oral care provider cautions […]

Before and After: Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

A Penn State University study from about ten years ago concluded smiling makes you look good to others. In addition, when we smile we seem more likeable and people see us as competent. This study was mentioned in a Forbes article about the untapped power of smiling. Statistically, almost 40 percent of all Americans unhappy […]

Recognizing Cavity Symptoms and Other Causes of Tooth Pain

Your mouth aches. Is it cavity pain or is it something else?  There are a number of conditions that can mimic cavity symptoms Phoenix AZ.  Here are some reasons that teeth hurt and why you need to see the dentist.  Sometimes emergency dental care is essential. Other times you can manage the pain until office […]

Aging and Dental Health: Phoenix AZ Gum Disease, Tooth Loss and Other Dangers

What do you know about aging and dental health?  Did you know that you may experience less pain due to changes in nerves?  Or that oral cancers can be detected early through oral health screenings? Or that dry mouth can lead to serious tooth loss? Aging also increases the need for gum disease treatment. It […]

Why Do We Brush Then Floss?

Ask most people what’s the correct order for brushing and flossing, and they’ll tell you to brush first. However, that’s incorrect! Dentists aren’t sure how this steadfast order came to be, but if you finish your dental regimen with flossing, you’re not cleaning your teeth—your simply releasing plaque, bacteria and food buildup into your mouth […]

Phoenix Dentist Provides Expert Care to Improve Children Oral Health

Many people are still apprehensive about going to their dentists for regular and routine check-ups for fear that they’ll need to undergo tooth extraction. This, of course, is but one of the many services that dentists offer to their patients. They also provide preventive, cosmetic and restorative types of dental procedures that make sure the […]

Trusted Phoenix Dentist Supports Two Foods That Help Fight Tooth Decay

According to the National Institutes of Health, tooth decay is still the single most prevalent chronic disease in the United States— in both children and adults. This is a disturbing trend, especially after one considers the fact that tooth decay can easily lead to teeth falling out completely. Fortunately, there are many ways to circumvent […]