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Need an Emergency Dentist?

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Sometimes life hands us a a dental emergency. It may be the sudden terrible pain of a tooth in distress. It may be a chipped tooth or a knocked-out tooth due to a fall or accident. If this type of emergency is happening to your child, it is even more of a dire situation. Fortunately Sky Dental can be your emergency dentist Phoenix.

24 Hour Emergency Dentist in Phoenix

Saturday, Sunday and after hours, Sky Dental staff can be on call for emergency dentistry. Our specialists can handle all types of tooth problems and are certainly capable of taking care of you or your family member in a crisis. Don’t suffer in silence. Please call us to get the care you need.

Recognizing the Signs of a Dental Emergency

When you call Sky Dental offices, you can find out if your problem requires immediate attention or if you can wait. We are always honest with our patients about critical care because some issues don’t require intervention immediately while other tooth or jaw situations require immediate intervention. When you or a family member need urgent dental care, there may be help just a phone call away.


Extreme pain is a common hallmark of a dental emergency, but a painful toothache isn’t the only reason that people call on a 24-hour emergency dentist Phoenix. There are problems that suggest long-term damage if they are not dealt with. We want to help you manage the pain and address the problem causing it.  One common aspect is an infection. This requires an antibiotic before further work can be done.  In rare cases, an infection can get worse and become life threatening.  For pain relief and for your overall health, it is imperative that you deal with that pain by visiting your Sky Dental dentist for assessment and treatment.


Painful swelling or uncontrolled gum bleeding are both important reasons to seek dental help. These problems won’t go away on their own. Uncontrolled bleeding is definitely a worrisome issue that needs to be stopped. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are having these problems.


An injured jaw may cause permanent problems if not addressed directly. A loose or knocked-out tooth may be saved if dental treatment is sought quickly. This is critical since your permanent teeth cannot grow replacements. A chipped tooth may be causing pain, especially if it includes a filling. Addressing this problem with a dentist quickly should save the tooth.


Your crown has broken! Your dental partial is loose.  An orthodontic device is penetrating your gums, causing pain.  Broken dental devices may fall in the category of urgent dental care.  All we can say is to call us and get help.  Remember your oral health is tied to your ability to eat nutritious foods.  If your problems are keeping you from thriving, don’t wait another minute.

Sky Dental Offers Quality Dental Care:

Just because you need an emergency dentist open 24 hours doesn’t mean you should settle for anything other than top-quality care. Our dentists are well-trained with years of experience in dealing with all types of problems. At Sky Dental, you can trust your 24 hours emergency dentist Phoenix to do everything he or she can to make you comfortable and to solve your immediate dental crisis.

If needed, we can help you make a dental treatment plan to deal with further issues such as the need for a root canal, a new crown, replacement of broken partials, and so forth.  We are your ally in maintaining better oral health.

Pediatric Emergency Dentist

Sky Dental services aren’t limited to adults. We take care of children and teenagers with extra care and patience. Our staff recognizes that dental care often scares children, especially when there’s an emergency.  Since our staff includes a highly qualified orthodontist, we are a provider for braces and handle difficulties related to orthodontic devices. The goal is to provide a safe, anxiety free zone for our younger patients.

Emergency Dentist Phoenix: No Insurance

No Insurance? We’ve got solutions. The Sky Dental staff recognizes that many people can’t afford a big bill. Our financing department can set you up with an affordable payment plan. Please mention this to the staff when you arrive.

Find a 24 Hour Dentist Phoenix AZ

Emergency dental care is available from Sky Dental, but we can’t help if you don’t reach out. Let our team assist with your tooth pain, lost tooth, chipped tooth, broken crown, damaged partials, or other critical problem.  We suggest calling the closest office to get the next available appointment. You can also request an appointment online.

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