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Choosing Affordable Dentures For Missing Tooth Replacement

When it comes to choosing dentures, there are lots of questions.  Do I need them? What type do I need? How will my dentures fit? How will they feel when I eat?  Do they look natural?  How will I care for them?  No matter what type of dentures Phoenix you choose, Sky Dental specialists can help.

Our dental team can help you get the comfortable, attractive fit you want. We will explain your options, honestly discussing the pros and cons of each. Your Sky Dental dentist can help you decide on a solution that’s best for you, your lifestyle, and budget.

Will I Definitely Need Dentures?

The need for tooth replacement increases as you age, but that doesn’t mean you will ever have to have dentures. Good oral hygiene can allow you to live your whole life without ever losing a tooth.

Total tooth loss increases in relationship to other factors such as smoking and certain chronic illnesses. If you are losing teeth, the faster you get to Sky Dental for an exam, the faster we can diagnose and treat the problem.

Six Types of Affordable Dentures

Which dentures are right for you?  Which are the best to get? There are two categories, removable and fixed; within that, there are now six types of tooth replacements available.

1. Removable full dentures.

These are the classic dentures many people imagine when they first start researching dentures. It’s an option when you need your entire upper and/or lower teeth replaced. Most patients remove and clean these dentures nightly.

Today’s removable full dentures are customized to look just like your natural teeth. They are made of a much lighter material than the clunky dentures you may remember. This lightweight acrylic can even be tinted to match any remaining teeth.

The glue is much stronger than glues of the past. This helps keep them in place better. Also, full dentures are personalized by your dentist to fit very comfortably and snugly.

Pros: Insurance may help with costs; better color match; lighter than before; better fitted than before

Cons: They must be removed while you sleep. The jaw will slowly lose its bone density over time, leading to the need for new dentures even if your current ones are in good shape.

2. Fixed bridge dentures.

Bridges can replace one tooth or a series of consecutive missing teeth. They are attached to your current teeth by dental cement. The nearby teeth framing the bridge site are filed into a shape that lets dental bridges fit snugly in place, ending in a flawless result.

Pros: Stronger than regular partials. Cleaned like regular teeth.

Cons: Will need to visit dentist for removal and special cleaning. May put stress on the teeth that are being used as anchors.

3. Removable partial dentures.

Replacement teeth are connected to a plastic base that matches the color of your gums. Sometimes, it’s also connected via a metal framework to help further secure the removable partials. Most patients remove and clean these devices nightly.

Pros: Least expensive alternative, usually.

Cons: More likely to be noticed by others. Must be removed for cleaning.

4. Dental Implants.

This is a permanent solution with a post implanted into the jawbone and replacement teeth attached permanently to the post.  Find out more about dental implants.

Pros: Can be added as tooth are lost. Help preserve bone density, reducing future tooth lost.

Cons: Insurance doesn’t help defray the cost. However, financing is available.

5. Implant-supported fixed dentures.

This is a very similar option to a full dental implant, complete with a post inserted into the jaw bone. The replacement is held in place with screws that can be removed if desired or left in place to act very much like an implant.

6. Implant-supported removable dentures.

Similar to the implant-supported fixed dentures, the removable option is attached to the implant post with a special attachment that allows for removal.

There are many solutions to missing teeth, and working with a local specialist will ensure you get the best dentures Phoenix AZ option for you. Call today to schedule an informational appointment.

Dental Implants in ArizonaHow Do I Care for My Dentures Phoenix?

With just a few minutes a day,  you’ll have the clean, bacteria-free dentures you want!  Here’s how:

  • After eating, always rinse your dentures.  It’s just a smart move!
  • Once a day, thoroughly clean them with a soft toothbrush and denture cleanser. You should not use toothpaste on your dentures.
  • However, you should use a soft toothbrush and toothbrush to clean your gums, tongue and any remaining teeth.
  • At bedtime, soak your dentures and give your mouth a rest overnight.

Did you have an accident, periodontal disease, or another situation that has left you missing one or more of your teeth? Would you like to reclaim your confidence and replace these missing teeth? Then you need to call Sky Dental Alliance today!

Whether you want dentures, partials, bridges or implants, we offer affordable rates and flexible financing with no credit checks. Call us today so we can restore your beautiful smile!  Choose your office and request an appointment.

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