Many people dream of having a set of shiny, white teeth. Such attributes often indicate a clean healthy mouth. Moreover, a handsome smile improves your general appearance.

Your Phoenix dentist would like to stress that this dream could become reality through a process known as teeth bleaching. That said, this same oral care provider cautions current and prospective patients to understand that there are certain dos and don’ts they should follow when participating in this aesthetic-enhancing procedure.

Teeth Bleaching Overview

Many teeth bleaching agents possess the ability to eradicate tooth discoloration and help the vital oral components remain as white as possible. While teeth whitening may seem simple when you look at all of the products available, there is much more to it than many people realize.

bleaching teethAssociated Benefits

In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, teeth bleaching often yields other positive outcomes including a discernible reduction in the presence of microbes or other tooth decay-precipitating particles and increased self-confidence, which could lead to significant personal and professional advancement.

Dos Of The Teeth Bleaching Process

A cosmetic dentist wishes to underscore the crucial tasks patients can execute prior to and following a bleaching session such as:

Practicing Optimal Dental Hygiene

To heighten bleaching’s effectiveness, recipients are strongly urged to always brush twice a day, floss following meals, and use mouthwash. Furthermore, patients should consider receiving professional cleaning in the days and weeks preceding a scheduled bleaching session.

Avoid The Consumption Of Certain Foods

Your Arizona cosmetic dentist must warn patients to avoid eating spicy or stain-inducing foods before and after bleaching efforts.

Dark foods and beverages like chocolate and red wine can cause appreciable stains that can be hard to remove. Moreover, acidic edibles could harm tooth enamel. Such damage weakens the teeth and increases their susceptibility to stain.

Many dental professionals emphasize the importance of receiving bleach applications from experienced oral care providers.

The Drawbacks Of Bleaching One’s Own Teeth

The process should not be done on one’s own accord because such actions increase their risk of:

Ingesting Too Many Chemicals

It is important to note that bleaching agents are composed of powerful chemicals. When applied too frequently, such substances could damage teeth and possibly precipitate sickness. Medical professionals warn against this scenario.

Gum Irritation

Overuse can also result in bleaching agents penetrating beneath the teeth and into surrounding gums. This could lead to painful and potentially debilitating gum irritation.

Tooth Sensitivity

When not properly monitored, used excessively, or not administered in accordance with professional standards, serious tooth sensitivity could result. Said occurrence could render routine actions like eating and speaking difficult.

Aesthetic Issues

Untrained individuals often apply bleaching agents unevenly. In such instances, certain teeth are whiter than others. This unevenness diminishes the visual appeal of one’s smile.

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