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Same Day Crowns Available Now at Desert Sky Dental

Back in the day, receiving a same-day crown was impossible. When you needed a crown, the old way was to wait for the crown to be made by an outside lab. That means at least two visits to the dentist. To make our patients’’ lives easier, Desert Sky Dental has invested in the technology to provide our Phoenix dental patients with the ability to receive a crown in one day!

This new technology allows your dental professional to measure, create, and fit your dental crown on the same day. Precision and quality are guaranteed in the process.

Why Patients Prefer Sky Dental For Their Same Day Crowns

The need for same day crowns is almost as old as the idea of dental caps, but it took technology in the hands of a Sky Dental dentist to make it possible. Until now, there’s been a wait of two weeks or more between a temporary crown and a permanent one.

This wait is a problem for many patients who would prefer not to make a second visit to the dentist. In addition, this wait may cause delays in other elements of dental care. Sky Dental’s goal is to put our patients’ concerns at the center of everything we do, which is why we believe it’s important for our patients to have access to a permanent crown in one day.

Same day crowns offered by Desert Sky Dental will make it easier for anyone living in the Phoenix area who finds the need for a permanent dental crown in one visit. Our team is proud to be able to offer this leap forward in oral health and dental care.

What Can You Expect In Your Same Day Crown Visit?

One Stop Shop

Recognized as a world renowned Now dental procedures or surgeries can be accomplished, the new tooth measured, and a crown produced the same day. This eliminates the need for temporary restorations, reducing patient discomfort and inconvenience. It does not increase what’s needed for preparing the tooth.

Excellent Material

Same day crowns are made of ceramics, like many other dental caps today. It is as good, if not better, than other ceramics, resin or porcelain crowns that would be made off site while the patient waits for weeks.

So Many Uses

Many people think about dental crowns in relation to root canals. This is a major use, but there are many other uses as well. A person who gets a dental bridge may need to have a tooth crowned to make it stable enough to assist with the bridging. Dental caps are a good way to hide misshapen front teeth.

Handsome Looks

Ceramic crowns have the advantage of looking entirely natural. And it makes them superior to metal crowns, gold crowns, or those types of crowns that are porcelain fused to metal.

What are the Benefits of Completing Dental Crowns in a Day?

Sky Dental’s same day crown procedure will allow you to return to normal activities, like eating and socializing, much more quickly. From fewer dental appointments to less pain and inconvenience, a same day crown has many benefits for patients.

Less Discomfort

Put simply. Sky Dental understands you’ve been through enough. You will experience less discomfort when you can get a crown your dentist makes in the office that day.

Fewer Appointments

Same day permanent crowns may mean only one dental appointment. Getting the crown immediately may speed up the time it takes to complete related dental treatments.

Good Looking

A same day crown looks as good, if not better, than other crowns. The material is made to resemble your surrounding teeth and will not be easily discolored.

Long Lasting

The crowns, provided by Sky Dental, will last just as long if not longer as any other crown. It will function just like a regular tooth with plenty of strength and limited chance of breakage.

Greater Precision

The computer-aided design (CAD) starts with digital images of your tooth and jaw. Under the dentist’s direction, it then designs the crown with maximum precision.

Quick Makeover

If damaged teeth are visible to others, capped teeth can be like an instant makeover. Worn-down, broken, or damaged teeth can look whole again with a same day crown.


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