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Randi May-Selmi AvatarRandi May-Selmi

I’am so happy with this place . For years I have gone to places that haven’t cleaned my teeth correctly. All the staff are friends tell you what’s happening before they do it. I have very high anxiety they where so caring understanding asked me what can we do make you comfortable also said you need us stop just raise hand . I never had such care . I’m 48 have had my front teeth a mess never had anyone be able to get my insurance pay for them get fixed . They sent over request they approved it. My front teeth are beautiful he did a fabulous job . Wish I could post pictures. Thank you for making me feel so special - 12/07/2022 

Bianca barbee AvatarBianca barbee

They were nice and very talkative and calming personality I don’t like the dentist and stuff but this time going was different idk if it was different staff members or what but it was a bit more relaxing for me and they were amazing - 12/06/2022 

Family Corona AvatarFamily Corona

I really like the dentist office. It’s very clean and very helpful. They traded me on what I needed. I will be coming back and recommending people to come. I had a pleasant visit here. - 12/03/2022 

Antonio (Lowroar717) AvatarAntonio (Lowroar717)

Fantastic office. Dr Corbridge and his crew were able to take me at last notice. Had a cavity that needed tending, it was cleaned up and placed with a crown on the same day. I will definitely be back here and recommend it 👌 - 12/03/2022 

Mike Lawry AvatarMike Lawry

This is a real great dentist they took care of all my problems and I love it..I recommend y’all try them out - 12/01/2022 

Christopher Diaz AvatarChristopher Diaz

Today i went to Desert Sky Dental at 75 ave and Thomas for a severe tooth pain, Miss Alondra (front desk) was very kind and attentive; my greatest appreciation to the Doctor CORBRIDGE and DA Isa, they gave me the treatment and they put the crown on me the same day. They were really professional and patient with me. I absolutely recommend Desert Sky Dental to everyone . Prices are totally affordable . Thank so very much. Rosa and Chris (Peoria) - 11/29/2022 

Yomaris Rodriguez AvatarYomaris Rodriguez

The Doctor is really nice and professional, I needed crowns on my front teeth and Ruth canal on 9&8 , everything was done fast , didn’t like my temporary crowns but the permanents looks perfect , one needs to be fixed but it looks good I came today because couldn’t hold the pain in my tooth , they let me in really quick and I was examine right away, doctos and asistenta where nice and professional, they did a treatment plan for me and I’m waiting for it . Everything was done quickly - 11/28/2022 

Ryan Cook AvatarRyan Cook

Dr Connell is THE BEST!!! So lucky to have such a great dentist - 11/22/2022 

Elias Aragon AvatarElias Aragon

As always desert sky, I love my dentist, he explain stuff to me the way I can even understand it. I had a stroke 5 years ago and he have the patients for even me, asking him to repeat or explain one more time. Desert sky is the way to go.... - 11/18/2022 


I am absolutely ecstatic about how friendly the staff Steven is he is rad & so cool 😎 Dr. Silverman was very nice & made me feel comfortable. I appreciate you guys so much thank you both for your outstanding service & also thank you for working with me steven🙂 - 11/18/2022 

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