When part of a tooth breaks off, some people are surprised. They don’t even know what caused it. Other times it is the direct result of a sports injury. Whatever has happened to cause it, you should know what to do if you have a chipped tooth in Phoenix AZ. One thing’s for sure, the sooner you can see a chipped tooth repair dentist, the better off you’ll be.

How Did Your Tooth Get Chipped?

Sometimes the cause of a chipped tooth is obvious because it’s due to an injury. A hard hit to the face may be all it takes to break one or more teeth.

Other times it is less obvious why you have broken a tooth. It may happen while chewing on something hard, but there are underlying causes. As a person ages, teeth are weakened by cavities. Thinning tooth enamel may leave teeth vulnerable to a break. In other cases, it is the result of years of teeth grinding, a natural problem that takes an unfair toll on your teeth.

Will I have a Toothache with a Chipped Tooth?

You may be lucky and not be in pain. However, a toothache with a chipped tooth represents a serious problem that should be addressed quickly. It can indicate one of several things. It may be that your chipped tooth is the result of a damaged or dying tooth. Nerves may be exposed that are deep within a tooth. A toothache may result if you have lost a cap or filling. Even if there is no pain, chipped tooth sensitivity is another sign that you need dental care quickly.

What does a Chipped Tooth Repair Dentist Do?

Since there are different types of teeth and different types of breaks, treatment will depend on which tooth is broken, how it broke, and how much is broken. A minor chip can be smoothed and polished, if the tooth is healthy. A medium chip may require a filling, cap or crown. If you already had one of these, it may need replacement. A major chip may require a root canal due to a damaged nerve. Large chips will then be covered by a cap or crown. If you have a chipped tooth near the gum line, then pulling the tooth may be a necessity. At Sky Dental, our dentists will do everything possible to preserve your tooth.

Will a Chipped Tooth Grow Back?

Unfortunately, no. There is no natural or artificial method that can regrow a tooth.

chipped tooth repair dentistWhat about a Chipped Baby Tooth?

If it is a baby tooth, it will drop out eventually and a full tooth will replace it. However, a chipped baby tooth still needs to be looked at by a dentist to be sure that the nerves are not exposed. Obviously, it is in the child’s best interest to have a dentist examine the tooth and determine what can be done to protect it. If baby teeth aren’t taken care of, it affects the roots. This, in turn, affects the growing adult teeth. In some cases, your dentist may decide to pull the tooth based on damage and other factors such as evidence that the child’s adult teeth will be coming in soon.

Will Chipped Tooth Enamel Grow Back?

Unfortunately, no. Enamel does not regenerate. The dentist can use a bonding material to strengthen the tooth. The bond acts like enamel, protecting the tooth from decay.

How Should You Care for a Chipped Tooth?

After an injury, rinse your mouth with warm water. Apply pressure to bleeding using a piece of gauze. Unless you have other injuries or excessive bleeding, you shouldn’t need the emergency room. Instead, you want to get to a dentist as soon as possible. Do not use a toxic substance, such as Superglue, to try and glue the tooth back in place.

At Sky Dental, you can learn more repairing your broken tooth. A chipped tooth emergency dentist is ready to assist you.