Dear Sky Dental Patients,

As you know, COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) is currently impacting many facets of daily life across our country and around the world. As stewards of your well-being, we take an especially keen interest in ensuring we are doing all we can to help manage its spread and mitigate risk in the dental health community. With this in mind, we are reaching out to share the actions we are taking to keep our patients, our team members, and our community healthy.

Whether it’s the flu, the coronavirus or something else, it’s always wise not to visit the dentist when you are sick. If you have been exposed to the virus or you suspect you are sick, please call and reschedule your appointment. This protects the other patients and the dental staff. If you may have been exposed to coronavirus, please contact your primary care physician for direct help and treatment options.

The health and safety of our community has always been an essential part of the Sky Dental Mission. We are committed to our patients’ dental needs and we want to educate you concerning tangible and proactive steps we are taking. Our guidelines come not only from the ADA but also the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), local authorities, and other experts.

For your protection as well as our own, our team members:
* wear masks and gloves during treatments
* regularly wash their hands before, during and after patient care
* don’t come to work if feverish or symptomatic

To ensure sanitary and thoroughly disinfected treatment areas, we follow a strict routine:

We also encourage our patients and others to follow some simple guidelines from the CDC, which serve as helpful tips:

We hope our efforts bring you comfort in this climate of concern over the coronavirus. Remember to call and cancel if you are the least worried that you may be sick. Dental care can wait for when you are well.

Thanks for your patience during this busy time.

–Sky Dental staff