It will come as no surprise to most adults that a recent survey showed 80 percent of Americans aged 18 to 49 want whiter teeth. Annually Americans spend more than one billion dollars on over-the-counter teeth whitening products according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Professional and at-Home Teeth Whitening Options

Anyone can whiten their teeth at home but this can be problematic if you have oral health issues. Some home treatments may damage your teeth and gums. You can find all kinds of ways to whiten teeth, many claiming a natural remedy. The American Dental Association (ADA) wants to make clear that just because something is natural, does not mean it is good to use for whitening your teeth. Professional teeth cleaning is the answer for many people.

Home Options for Teeth Whitening

Over the counter options include teeth whitening strips, LED teeth whitening pens, and boil and bite whitening trays. Whitening tooth paste is not much of a viable option in that it usually does not result in much of a noticeable change in appearance.

Teeth whitening strips are applied to your teeth one or two times per day for a period of time determined by the brand you choose and tend to make your teeth anywhere from two to four shades whiter. Often the results are uneven due to the fact that the strips can’t go into the spaces between your teeth.

Boil-and-bite whitening trays are put into boiling water to allow the material to soften. After drying the tray, it’s placed in your mouth until the material stiffens. It creates a type of custom tray to be filled with whitening gel. This can promise to make teeth a few shades whiter, but it’s rarely a consistent outcome..

cosmetic dentistProfessional Options for Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening options have never been simpler or more convenient, with in-office treatments that are safe and comfortable. At Sky Dental, we offer laser whitening via the Zoom system to a dentist-grade bleaching session which can instantly remove years of stains from your teeth. It is part of our long list of cosmetic dentistry treatments.

One of the major differences in having a professional teeth whitening is it is not one size fits all It is custom-designed to give you personally the best results for your teeth. Our office treatments are speedier than at-home treatments.

For many teeth whitening patients at our Glendale and Phoenix offices, laser whitening yields better results than bleach. The treatment is about 30 minutes from start to finish with instant results. This procedure can whiten your teeth significantly and possibly last for up to five years. Some patients do experience teeth sensitivity, which can be controlled with a special toothpaste used before the laser treatment.

Professional grade bleaching is many times more effective than at home bleaching, yielding a much whiter shade of teeth. A skilled dentist must apply these powerful treatments and it is only safe when done by a professional. This whitens teeth significantly but may require more than one treatment and also can cause sensitivity.

How long does pro teeth whitening last?

Even though at home treatment can yield some results, they will not be long lasting and have to be repeated frequently. Professional whitening is much more effective and lasts for years. You also can be sure the treatment is safe when it is done in a dental office.

At Sky Dental Arizona, we offer a number of cosmetic options for brightening your smile like white fillings, veneers or caps in addition to whitening treatment. To regain the bright smile you love, call us today for consultation so we can help you feel confident with a dazzling smile.