Braces are an investment in a straight, confident and healthy smile. For children and adults alike, braces can also be a big adjustment. Familiarizing yourself with details like types, cleaning needs and pricing for braces will make sure you’re prepared for your first consultation and beyond.

pricing for bracesTypes of Braces

There are two main types of braces, and what type is best for you will depend on your unique lifestyle and dental needs. Pricing for braces also varies based on type.

• Metal Braces: Metal braces are the classic style. They consist of a series of square brackets cemented to the teeth that are connected by sturdy wires. The wires are held in place by the iconic, brightly color bands that hug the brackets. An orthodontist tightens the wire from bracket to bracket to coax teeth to rotate into better alignment. Metal braces used to be dreaded, but today’s sleeker design and colorful band choices make them a fashion accessory worn proudly even on the red carpet. Some styles can also be made using tooth-colored materials or installed behind the teeth to make them less noticeable.

• Invisalign Braces: Invisalign braces, also called invisible braces, are a series of clear trays worn over the teeth. Each tray is a little different, gently coaxing teeth into a new position with each tray. The trays are based on a mold of the mouth taken at the beginning of the process and changes directed by the orthodontist. Because the trays are based on a single mold and can be easy to lose, they’re a better choice for teens and adults than young children.


Variations in wear time and specific needs make it difficult to estimate the lifetime cost of braces. As a rule, classic metal braces tend to be less expensive than Invisalign. Your orthodontist can present you with multiple options and price points at your consultation.

Cost should never prevent you or your child from getting straight, beautiful teeth. Sky Dental Alliance offers discounted pricing for braces, including metal braces starting at just $99 a month. Our in-house financing program requires no credit checks or credit card applications.


At your first appointment, your orthodontist will discuss what kind of results you can expect, what the process will be like and how long the braces will need to be on. For instance, most braces need to be worn for 18 to 24 months.

The process may begin before braces even go on. To make room for crowded teeth or space for anchoring bands, a palate expander or spacers that are placed between teeth may be necessary. With metal braces, some alignment issues will require things like rubber bands and other special equipment to fix.

With any style of braces, discomfort is normal on the first day, after adjustments of metal braces and when wearing a new Invisalign tray. It can help to stick with soft foods until the discomfort subsides. Your orthodontist may recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen to help.

Care and Cleaning

Braces of any type require some TLC to keep them in great shape. With metal braces, for instance, it’s important avoid to hard foods like ice and chewy foods like caramel that could break the wires. Teeth should be brushed and flossed as usual, but a Waterpik can be your best friend. Waterpiks use a gentle jet of water to flush food debris out from around the brackets and wires of braces with ease.

Invisalign braces should be taken out when eating, drinking and brushing teeth. Cool water is fine to sip on while the trays are in. The trays should be rinsed when they’re removed and cleaned every evening. Your orthodonist will give you or your teen cleaning instructions, but the basics are simple. Gently use toothbrush to brush all the tray’s surfaces. Avoid using toothpaste as it scratches and dulls the trays. Give the trays a quick wash with a gentle, antibacterial soap and rinse them clean. Trays can also be soaked in denture cleaner to kill bacteria and deter odors.

Breaks and Losses

While you want to do everything you can to avoid it, breaking a wire or misplacing a tray is common with braces. When accidents happen, it’s important that you contact your orthodontist immediately to schedule a fix. Teeth will slip back into their old positions quickly. Sky Dental offers emergency appointments for just these occasions.

If you choose Invisalign, keep in mind that it’s easy for a tray to get tossed out with lunch trash or chewed up by a pet. Some Invisalign plans include replacement trays in their pricing for braces. They’re an excellent choice for teens.

Are you ready to change your or your child’s smile for the better? Call Sky Dental Alliance and schedule your free consultation today.