If your gums are bleeding it is time for a trip to Sky Dental.  Seeing your dentist isn’t just a good idea for today, taking care of the immediate problem of bleeding gums Phoenix AZ.  It is good for the long term health of your teeth. It’s time to get a handle on the problem before it leads to periodontitis and tooth loss.

Bleeding Gums Phoenix AZ

The most tell-tale sign of gum disease is bleeding. This happens when a patient is brushing their teeth.  Sometimes the blood simply adds a pinkish tinge to spit.  Other times it is more obvious that something in the mouth is bleeding. 

The official name for this problem is gingivitis or gum inflammation. Patients shouldn’t be afraid when they hear that word. It’s only bad when it goes untreated. Stopping this problem starts with a visit to the dentist.  There are treatments that can reverse this problem and stop gums from bleeding. 

If it isn’t treated, gingivitis leads to periodontitis, a serious condition.


When the gums have been inflamed for a long time, the gums pull away from the teeth. This leaves pockets where debris can collect.  As this happens, these areas get infected. Plaque triggers the production of bacteria.  Not only is this bacteria attacking the connective tissue and bones, but the patient’s body sends enzymes to fight the bacteria.  This, too, breaks down the things that keep your teeth in place. 

Especially if it goes untreated, periodontitis causes teeth to get loose. Then teeth start to fall out.  This is the reason most people lose their teeth.  It is so important to remember that this can be prevented with a dentist’s help.

Receding Gums

The American Dental Association recognizes gum disease as one of the most common problems for those who are aging.  Gums start receding and this exposes the roots.  This allows teeth to decay and become loose. 

To prevent this, patients need to keep up with regular teeth cleanings every six months. This removes the plaque that hardens at the gum line.  Also, regular brushing and flossing are important.  Specifically, patients should use a soft toothbrush that is safe to run along the gums.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Gum disease is often caused by poor oral hygiene habits now or earlier in life. However, there are other issues that people should know about. This may help them head off the problem early. 

* family history of dental disease. 

* hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, puberty, menstruation)

*  cancer, HIV, immune system diseases

* diabetes

* illnesses that cause dry mouth

* medications that cause dry mouth

* medications that cause abnormal growth of gum tissue (including Dilantin, Procardia, Adalat)

* tobacco, smoking, chewing, etc.

Please give us a call.  At your appointment, we can assess your gums as well as your teeth.  Don’t let your bleeding gums turn into a bigger problem.  Act soon.