If your teeth have extensive damage, dentures are a fantastic way to give you back a full, functional and dazzling smile. Today’s choices are more comfortable and look better than ever. There are several options to choose from, and shopping for discount dental around Phoenix can ensure you get the best set for you at a great price.

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discount dental phoenix

Types of Dentures

Dentures have three key feature categories that can be “mixed and matched” to make the ideal denture for you. Not all combinations are possible, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Full Versus Partial

Full dentures are necessary when you need all of your teeth removed. They’re often recommended in the case of extensive gum disease, if many teeth are missing or if bone loss is causing the teeth to shift irreparably. Some people may need just a full upper or full lower denture. Other people may need both upper and lower full dentures.

Partial dentures are also known as bridges. They bridge the gap between two to four missing teeth. This allows you to retain your healthy teeth while avoiding potential infection from damaged teeth. A regular partial denture typically bridges a gap no wider than three teeth. An implant-supported partial is recommended to support three to four teeth. The width of your teeth and bone health will play a role in how many teeth can be bridged.

Regular Versus Implant Support

Regular, full dentures sit on top of the gums and are supported by denture glue. They’re the most affordable option, especially when you look for discount dental in Phoenix. All regular dentures are removable. Because they have a tendency to shift, we recommend them for the upper palate only.

Implant-supported, full dentures anchor to your jaw using several dental implants. The implants sit down in your gum and bone to support not only your denture but also the surrounding bone, preventing bone loss. Implant-supported dentures are the most stable type, and there are a few types to choose from.

Partial dentures can be supported a number of ways, including cementing, clasps and implants. Cementing anchors the bridge to the neighboring teeth and holds the denture in place permanently. Clasps also anchor to the neighboring teeth but allow you to remove the denture. Implants can be fixed or removable.

Removable Versus Fixed

The choice between removable and fixed dentures depends on two factors. The first is bone loss. Our teeth provide a support structure for our jaw bone. When teeth are missing or there’s been ongoing infection around the teeth, the bone can deteriorate. It can have a significant impact on the function of our mouth, the strength of the bone and the look of our face.

Implant-supported dentures need to anchor to strong bone. In fact, some implant procedures require bone grafts to restore bone strength. For stability, permanent dentures require more implants. This means more strong bone needs to be present. If you have extensive bone loss, permanent dentures may not be a good option.

The second factor is personal preference. Some people prefer to have a prosthesis they can treat like their regular teeth and never have to remove. Permanent dentures are more stable, meaning they feel more natural and there’s less risk of food getting trapped under the denture. Other people prefer being able to take them out to clean below and around them as thoroughly as possible.

People with limited dexterity may also prefer one type over the other. If it’s easier to take them out than to brush normally, removable is the better choice. Many people also like to limit the amount of dental work they need. More implants can mean a greater need for grafting or bone resurfacing, lengthening recovery times and increasing costs. Seeking discount dental in Phoenix can make any denture more affordable, but removable options are the most cost-effective solution.

Affordable Dentures with Discount Dental in Phoenix

At Sky Dental Alliance, we don’t want cost to be a barrier between you and a comfortable, brilliant smile. In addition to our reasonable prices, our in-house financing program can make any denture type more affordable. There’s no credit check and no finance companies involved, only you and your family dentist.

If you’re ready to restore your smile, we’re ready to help. Call Sky Dental Alliance today.