What are dental inlays and dental onlays Phoenix Az? Well, you can think of them as between traditional fillings and crowns. Traditional fillings, whether black or natural, are the first line of defense against a cavity. A crown is needed when the tooth is severely damaged. Situations that are too big for a filling but don’t require a crown may need an onlay or inlay.

dental inlays Phoenix AZWhat are dental inlays Phoenix AZ?

Some cavities are very deep and don’t leave much tooth. Then the filling is very large, and the tooth isn’t very strong. If this is the case, a dental inlay is a good remedy.

Like a filling, the dentist numbs the area and uses a drill to scrape out the tooth. Then an impression of the tooth is made. A temporary is put in place. In a week, the patient returns to get a custom-made inlay. This inlay is then bound to the tooth, adding strength and permanence. The material is an advanced resin or porcelain.

What is a dental onlay Phoenix AZ?

Dental onlays follow the same procedure. However, an onlay literally overlaps the top of the tooth. This is done to cover the damage to the cusp of the tooth. As with an inlay, there is drilling, and a cast is made. The custom-made onlay is ordered, and a temporary is put in place. Finally, the dentist bonds the onlay to the tooth. The result looks much more natural than a filling.

Top Reasons for Onlays and Inlays Phoenix AZ

Why should you choose onlays and inlays? Here are the main reasons that dentists will recommend them:

Now that you know more, you can ask about inlays and onlays when you visit your Sky Dental office. We want to offer the best solutions to tooth decay. Every patient deserves a brighter, healthier smile.