As we consider the matter, we can see some important considerations when looking into choosing a dental practice to put your trust in. You hope for a highly-skilled technician that can perform any dental procedure you might ever need, you want someone that has the kind of personality you can feel comfortable with, who cares about your feelings and well-being, and you want someone that is available when you need dental care.

Sky Dental Alliance fulfills all three criteria. They possess the skill to do any work you need done quickly, correctly and effectively. Their professionalism is widely acknowledged due to the rigorous professional education and training they have pursued and the many years of practice combined with ongoing continuous education. You will find our entire staff, from the receptionists to the most experienced surgeon, to be friendly, considerate and, bilingual. Se habla Español aquí.

dentist offices in phoenix azWhat to Expect from the Best Dental Offices in Phoenix, AZ

Good preventative care helps you avoid the need for restorative fix-up work. The entire staff can give you excellent advice on how to maintain dental health on a daily basis on your own. On top of that, you can receive the best-quality preventative treatment in any of our Sky Dental offices. An initial exam will  check for anything that needs  to be fixed, including X-rays and a complete cleaning.

But even with the best home and office care, things can happen that requires the intervention of a dental professional. This is where Sky Dental shines by offering superior and professional dental care. From everyday kind of service, such as filling cavities or dental extractions, to more advanced care like orthodontia (one-day braces available), periodontics, dentures, cosmetic service, bonding, veneers, bridges and crowns, Sky Dental Alliance has the expertise to take care of all your needs. Its team approach means that all you needs can be easily met.

As an example, the days are now gone when losing a teeth meant you had only a single choice for replacement, a bridge.  Newer technology makes dental implants in Phoenix, AZ a convenient and more permanent alternative, whether for replacing one tooth or a whole collection of teeth. The procedure is quite simple: where the tooth socket sits empty, creating a hazard for the positioning of surrounding teeth, the surgeon places a post affixed directly to the jaw bone. The post is very small and soon becomes a permanent part of the mouth. While this happens, a temporary tooth toes on top of the post until the post is ready to take the permanent tooth, process that may take up to 12 weeks, although avoiding acidic foods, not smoking and practicing good oral hygiene can speed up this healing time.

Once the area is healed, the surgeon affixes the custom replacement tooth to the post, which is nearly indestructible. Should the replacement tooth get damaged in the future, another one can simply be placed on the permanent post.

In short, with dental implants, Phoenix AZ people can get a beautiful smile even if a tooth has been discolored or completely lost  due to an accident, or has become diseased and needs to be extracted, by allowing Sky Dental Alliance to replace them with permanent and beautiful implants – whether one tooth or many.

When Conventional Business Hours Are Not Convenient

For hundreds of years people have had to work around the doctor’s schedule to get health care. The problem was that dentists worked weekdays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, or close to that, just like those people working in construction, in a business office ro teaching school. In other words, we all had to take time off work or school in order  get dental service.

The staff at Sky Dental Alliance cares about the people they serve and therefore make their schedule convenient for you. People with their obligations filling up their normal weekday schedule can now see the dentist evenings and weekends.

By using the handy scheduling tool at Sky Dental’s Website, you can request the time that works for you or your family members. If you prefer not to  drag a child out of school, or miss work, simply go online and request the time  you desire for your appointment. No longer are you restricted by certain hours in the day for seeing your dentist.

Everything You Need in Three Places

In addition to evening and weekend hours, Sky Dental Alliance respects your time and convenience by placing its offices close to where you live. With two in Phoenix and one in Glendale, you can choose the location that works best for you, along with the appointment time that works.

Whether implants, exams, fillings, braces, or any other kind 0f professional dental care, Sky Dental Alliance stands ready to help you in so many ways. Let us help you.