Oral cancer kills people every year, but it is possible to catch it early and beat the odds. You can ask your Sky Dental professional for an oral cancer screening for you and your child. There’s no preparation needed. It doesn’t hurt. And it may catch oral cancer in its early stages.

We invite you to take advantage of our low cost dental care Phoenix services to get your oral cancer screening.

How Many People Have Oral Cancer?

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, oral oropharyngeal cancer leads to the death of more than 9,750 people annually. As many as 51,550 Americans receive this diagnosis each year. There are many who aren’t caught until it is too late.

Adults are more likely to have squamous cell carcinoma. This cancer attacks the flat cells that line the mouth. Your dentist Phoenix AZ can give you more information about this common disease.

Children are more likely to have sarcomas or lymphomas. Parents should make sure that oral cancer screenings are part of their child’s regular dental care. Catching the problem early is the best defense against this life-threatening condition.

What Do I Need to Know About Oral Cancer Screenings?

If you request a screening, your dentist will examine your mouth looking for red or white patches. Mouth sores will also be examined. The dentist will check for lumps and other unexplained growths by gently feeling the tissues in your mouth. If you wear partials, you will be asked to remove them, and the dentist will examine the tissue underneath.

Unlike emergency dental care, the purpose of this screening is to catch a problem that causes no pain.

Best dentist in glendale AZDo I Have Oral Cancer Risk Factors?

The Oral Cancer Foundation stresses that everyone should be screened without regard to risk factors. Too often people go unchecked because they don’t think they fall into a certain category.

Even so, there are some risk factors that can be noted here. Tobacco use is a common element, whether it is chewing tobacco, cigarettes or cigars. Heavy alcohol use is another commonly known cause. In addition, sun exposure is a risk factor often associated with lip cancer.

Furthermore, researchers have recognized that the HPV virus figures into mouth cancer risks. Unfortunately many people who have the HPV virus have never known that they had it.

Age is, of course, a factor. Yet researchers have noticed a rise in the rates of oral cancer among younger patients. Tongue cancer, in particular, has seen a major increase.

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When you come for your next cleaning, ask for an oral cancer screening. At our Phoenix dental clincs, our staff wants to be your partner in maintaining a healthy life. When you schedule cleaning x rays and a dental exam, add an oral cancer screening.

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