What’s the difference between professional teeth whitening and a do-it-yourself method? After all, if you want to whiten your teeth, there seem to be hundreds and hundreds of products that claim to do it. Kits are in our stores and online. Some are offered in infomercials with professional claims. What are the pros and cons of in-office professional teeth whitening, especially when compared to over-the-counter alternatives?

First, let’s talk about why people choose to whiten their teeth. It doesn’t take many years of coffee or tea for stains to start to show. It’s only natural that patients want to eliminate this unnecessary discoloration.

The benefits of professional teeth whitening are wrapped up in self-esteem for many of our Phoenix AZ patrons. They have social, professional, and even romantic reasons for wanting their teeth to look their best. Unfortunately self-whitening products can be counter-productive, causing new problems without doing an effective job of lightening teeth evenly.

A consultation with a dentist is a good idea before buying a home whitening system. Here are ten reasons why the professional teeth whitening cost is worth the investment.

  1. Professional vs. Over-the-Counter Effectiveness
    If you’ve tried over-the-counter products, you may already know that the effectiveness decreases with the amount of staining. Thus, young people with very clean teeth will have good results while everyone else will see only a minor improvement. Professional whitening treatments are more effective. It can address severe stains and discoloration more effectively with longer-lasting results. In short, professional is better because the products we use go deeper and the process we use is more thorough.

  2. Professional Teeth Whitening Cost vs D-I-Y Kits
    Don’t be fooled by D-I-Y products that claim to be professional formulas. There is no one to check out those claims and to prove whether they are true. Buying these kits is just rolling the dice. Professional teeth whitening prices are more expensive than a $25 or $75 kit, but you can be sure that the results will be worth it. Plus, you won’t find yourself buying more and more kits without getting the results you want. You will pay more, but your results will be many times what they would be with an over-the-counter product. Thus, rather than throwing away $75 every few months, the average price for a professional tooth whitening is an investment.

  3. Application Speed
    While tooth whitening strips require multiple applications, a professional treatment can do the job in an hour. You won’t have to come back for additional sessions if our process achieves the lightening results you want. The average price for professional teeth whitening reflects its effectiveness.

  4. Customized For You
    Our dental team customizes each treatment. We look at the current condition of your teeth and determine which level of lightening needs to be achieved. By doing more work at the beginning, we get better results at the end.

  5. Safety
    When you use D-I-Y kits, the bleaching agents are less confined to your teeth. By touching your gum tissue, this can cause damage. Our products and methods are designed to keep your teeth safer during the whitening process. After all, we are focused on whole mouth health.

    Important Tip: Even if you don’t want a professional treatment, talk to our staff about whether you should attempt to whiten your teeth at home. We can help you avoid harm to your teeth. There are some take-home professional teeth whitening kits that can save you money but still be effective and safer.

  6. Sensitivity and Side Effects
    Teeth sensitivity can increase or even start as a result of the whitening. Professionals know to protect your gums and adjust the whitening for optimal results that don’t leave your teeth hurting for days. A dental dam prevents the whitener from reaching your gums. When your treatment is complete, our team explains how to care for your teeth going forward. We can help you stop or limit tooth sensitivity due to whitening. Our cosmetic dentistry team knows how to handle hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide and other whitening agents to protect your oral health.

    Important Tip: If you have sensitive teeth, talk to our professionals about which whitening toothpaste is best for your teeth.

  7. Comfort
    Our trays are made for you. They aren’t one-size-fits-all like D-I-Y kits. This means they fit more comfortably and target the teeth bleaching ingredients where they are really needed.

  8. Professional Pre-Treatments
    If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned lately, this is really the first step. It is the pre-treatment that really works. Tartar and build-up will be removed, making it easier for whitener to reach the actual tooth.

  9. Long-term Tooth Care
    Sometimes the tooth discoloration is due to a problem that goes beyond the color. With our dental team on hand, they can assess your teeth and let you know if a different approach is needed.

    Important Tip: Home teeth whitening has a way of triggering pain that is caused by real dental issues such as cavities or dying roots. If this happens to you, please contact our office for an appointment.

  10. Even Results
    At-home kits cannot penetrate all of the stains on teeth. As a result, many people end up with uneven results. If you want even results, a professional treatment is your best bet. Plus, your professional treatment will do more and last longer than an over-the-counter product. This should make you feel good about your teeth for a long time. That’s what we mean by investment. Your final results will last long enough to get a return on any extra money you spent to do the procedure.

Regardless of why our teeth are stained, they do affect how people view us. Whether you are an executive, a trend-setter, or a maverick, better teeth will encourage people to look at the real you. This pride in one’s appearance is not ego. It is simply a matter of self-esteem and confidence.

If you want safe and effective whitening that doesn’t harm your teeth or gums, talk to the pros at Sky Dental offices. We can turn your dull smile into a dazzling one.