Whether your normal dentist finds a problem or a major issue is identified during a visit to an emergency dentist in Phoenix, AZ, little can send a shiver down a patient’s spine more than the term “root canal.” Root canal procedures have a reputation for being terrifying and painful, but the reality is much less scary.

emergency dentist in Phoenix AZ endodontist in Phoenix AZWhat Is A Root Canal Procedure?

While your teeth are developing, a bundle of nerves, tissues and blood vessels called pulp nourishes it from the inside. If a tooth gets damaged, the pulp can become infected and inflamed. The pain can be considerable, and if left untreated, the infection can permanently destroy the tooth.

In a root canal treatment, your dentist removes the pulp from the tooth and replaces it with a rubbery material. Modern treatment techniques make the process similar to having a tooth filled. It can alleviate discomfort, save the tooth and protect your mouth from further damage and disease.

Do I Have to Have One?

Root canal procedures save millions of teeth from having to be pulled every year. The procedure is necessary almost any time a tooth’s pulp becomes inflamed, but it is also necessary when the pulp is damaged. Cracked teeth, deep tooth decay and damaged dental prosthetics are common causes of damaged and diseased pulp.

Root canal procedures do more than prevent more serious infections. They also save the appearance of your smile. Instead of having to pull a tooth, you can have a beautiful dental crown put in place. Your smile looks great, chewing stays comfortable, and you can feel good knowing you still have your natural teeth.

Is It Painful?

Most root canal procedures are no longer complicated or uncomfortable than having a tooth filled. Your tooth will be completely numbed, and most people feel no more than dull pressure. The most uncomfortable part of the procedure may be having to keep your mouth open for so long.

Modern techniques have also shortened healing times. You will be sent home with detailed instructions on pain relief and what is safe to eat. Most of your discomfort will subside within just a few days.

Root canal procedures got their bad reputation while dentistry techniques were still evolving. Under the guidance of a skilled endodontist in Phoenix, AZ , your procedure can be quick, comfortable and leave you feeling better than ever.