Simple Oral Care for Teeth with Braces

People with dental braces are often faced with certain questions regarding the proper care and maintenance of this orthodontic appliance. With the braces, springs, wires, rubber bands and other materials installed, food particles can easily get stuck in very tight spaces, leading to plaque formation and even decay if not taken care of properly. Provided […]

Essential Post-Operative Care for Dental Implant Surgery

Despite the several improvements in dental care, countless individuals across the globe still suffer from tooth loss due to reasons like tooth decay, gum disease and injury. While dentures and bridges were the only options before, now we have dental implants, which are commonly recommended by several Phoenix dentists of today. Dental implants are replacement […]

What is Periodontitis and How to Deal with It?

What most Phoenix dentists warn their patients about is periodontitis. The reason for this is that this dental condition is a very serious gum disease, infecting and damaging the soft tissue as well as the bones that support your teeth. Its negative effects include tooth loss, an increased chance of heart attack and all other […]

Got Braces? Keep these Things in Mind!

Oral hygiene and proper care is not just about making your teeth look neat and pretty. More importantly, taking care of your oral cavity is the key to shun dental problems such as tartars, gingivitis and demineralization. Because of the fact that proper oral care is much more delicate and difficult with braces, brace wearers […]