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How Much Is Dental Bonding In Phoenix Az?

How much is dental bonding in Phoenix AZ? The minimum is $150 to $350, but that depends on a number of factors.  Composite bonding is not, by itself, a huge expense like a root canal or ceramic cap.  However, when you ask how much does tooth bonding cost, the answer isn’t straightforward. There are many reasons for bonding and thus many price points.

Why does dental bonding cost fluctuate?

Bonding is used for many things.  It can be used to replace an old filling, making it look more natural.  It can be done to improve the color of permanently stained teeth.  Teeth bonding for gaps is another common usage.  If a person has a broken tooth, bonding is often the right answer.  This versatile method is used to recontour front teeth.  In fact, it can be used on the front teeth in place of veneers, creating a new whiter smile.

Each type of service will require a different fee. This is due to the length and complexity of the procedure.  The amount of material needed and the number of teeth involved will add to the final dental bonding cost.

Your bonding appointment will be set after x-rays and consultations with your dentist.  In addition to that cost, professional teeth whitening is sometimes recommended before bonding. This allows the dentist to use a lighter color resin on your tooth.

What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding utilizes the same plain resin that can also be used to fill a tooth.  Its common applications relate mostly to cosmetic dentistry, but to many, it is essential for a healthier mouth.A special resin is applied to a tooth. Colored like teeth, it is less likely to stand out.  The final result, which is cured with a special light and then polished, is natural looking.

Chipped Teeth Bonding

If a tooth is chipped, you can save it with proper bonding.  It is cosmetic, but it is also essential if you want to save the broken tooth.

Teeth Gap Bonding

In this procedure, the dentist uses bonding material to build out the sides of the tooth.  The material is applied to back, which ensures that the final look is seamless.

Enlarge Small or Short Teeth with Dental Bonding

For short or small teeth, bonding material can be used to increase the size.  Short teeth have a frontal application.  Small teeth will have bonding on the edges.

Substitute for Teeth Whitening

Some stains can’t be removed even by professional teeth whitening. While you wouldn’t do your whole mouth with bonding material, using it strategically on a front tooth or teeth may achieve a better smile.

Bonding vs. Veneers

Bonding is less expensive generally than veneers. It also doesn’t require numbing unless it intrudes too near a nerve.  With bonding, you can get a nice new smile for a lot less money.

Bonding vs Crowns

Bonding is a good choice for many teeth, and it is much less expensive than a crown.  However, sometimes a serious crack will require a crown. This is particularly true with rear molars which need the extra support.

What is a typical bonding procedure?

After you and your dentist have discussed your options, you can make an appointment for bonding.  At that appointment, the dentist will follow these steps.

  1. The dentist selects the color that matches your teeth
  2. The dental assistant prepares the area. The dentist only numb if it is too close to the nerves.
  3. The dentist uses a solution to etch the enamel. Patients report a bitter taste if it accidentally comes in contact with the tongue.
  4. Resin is shaped and applied to the tooth.
  5. Resin is reshaped for a final fit.
  6. A blue UV light hardens the material faster.
  7. Using a power file, all sharp edges will be smoothed.
  8. A final polish completes the process.

After the process is complete, your dentist will tell you how long to wait before you eat or drink.  A dental bond can leave sensitivity to sweet, cold or hot foods and drinks.  This should dull in days. In the rare case that the resin did not adhere, you will know quickly and the dentist can replace it with a new one.

How to care for your bonded tooth

A bonded tooth may last for ten years or more.  Regular brushing, flossing and professional teeth cleaning are the key to maintenance.  For best results, remember these tips:

  1.  Avoid regular consumption of coffee and red wine.  These stain the composite.
  2. Get fitted for a mouth guard if you clench or grind your teeth at night.
  3. Don’t use your teeth to open packages or crack nuts.
  4. Don’t chew ice.
  5. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

For more information about specific bonding procedures, make an appointment with the Sky Dental office nearest you.

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