It’s that time of year again. Tons of sweets, indulging in alcohol, and taking advantage of all those citrus concoctions like mulled wine and homemade cranberry sauce. Sugar, dark drinks and citrus can all wreak havoc on teeth. You want to make sure your smile stays bright and white for all those family photos, and you also don’t want to let acid have its way with your teeth while encouraging bacterial growth with sugar. Is it possible with the traditional Thanksgiving meal?


Yes, but you’ll need to be prepared. If you’re the one hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you have a lot of control over the health factor. Keep in mind that Thanksgiving traditions vary around the country, and what the pilgrims really ate during this event isn’t very close to what we prepare today (there was no green bean casserole!).


Thanksgiving food options can certainly be healthy, especially if you focus on the turkey, whole wheat bread options, and fresh salads and vegetables that use no citrus or acidic dressings or additions. For dessert, both apple and pumpkin pie can easily be made with low-sugar options and whipped cream is naturally low in sugars.


Keep Up the Teeth Traditions


You might slip into a food coma, but don’t give your oral hygiene a total break during the four-day weekend. Keep up with your flossing and brushing routine. If you do go overboard with the Thanksgiving treats, it’s often best to brush after each meal instead of just morning and night. However, there’s one exception: Acid. From citrus to coffee, avoid brushing immediately after these treats because doing so will just spread the acid around.


Most important, have fun and focus on family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!