Many people deem a dental implant to be the better choice over other procedures such as a dental bridge because it necessitates lesser maintenance. Even so, at the end of the day, dental implants are a surgical process so it should be handled by a professional dentist in Phoenix. In addition, you should also research all the factual information about the procedure so that you will know what to expect before, during and after the implant. To help you get started, provided here are some essential information you ought to know before committing to it.


Not all dental insurance companies can cover even a fraction of the dental implant’s cost even though it requires a surgical procedure. So, if you do not want to experience unnecessary surprises, it is highly advisable to check with your insurance provider first if they can cover the cost of the procedure. Needless to say, this can help you consider your financing options especially if you are working with a tight budget.

Different Types of Dental Implants

Some unscrupulous dentists in Phoenix, AZ tend to discuss the types of dental implants with their clients in a vague manner. So aside from doing your assignment, it is always better to ask questions about exactly what type of implant you are getting. Moreover, your dentist should also clarify the differences between brand name and generic implants. Knowing these information will also help you how much the procedure will cost.


Even though the implanted tooth/teeth will look very similar with your other teeth, these will need careful maintenance. They will not decay, but a lack of sufficient care can cause problems to your jaw bones or gums. Hence, it is recommended to rigorously follow the instructions of your dentists regarding the maintenance procedures such as when brushing and flossing. Furthermore, make certain to clear up the risks in maintaining your implants so you would know how to care for yourself after the surgery.

Recovery Time

Generally, the recovery process might be a little uncomfortable with minimal spikes of discomfort. Therefore, you should give yourself sufficient time to heal. Eat foods that are easy to chew and prepare medications in case you experience unbearable pains. If the pain continues to persist even with the prescribed medication, contact your dentist right away.

Dental implants can be really daunting at first. Even though you have researched all information about the procedure, do not hesitate to contact your Phoenix dentist so that all your questions will be answered accurately.