Braces can be costly, challenging the family budget or an individual’s monthly pay. Yet there are ways to enjoy low cost braces Phoenix AZ. You just need to talk to an orthodontist who cares at Sky Dental.

Step 1 Free Orthodontic Consultation Available Now

It starts with a free orthodontic consultation. Your Sky Dental orthodontist applies years of orthodontics training and expertise to the problem. They assess the angle of the teeth, current baby teeth (if any), wisdom teeth (if any) and other aspects of a person’s mouth. They take the jaw into account and how the teeth fit in the mouth.

Step 2 Professional Assessment

Once your Sky Dental local orthodontist assesses the patient’s mouth, they can determine which type of braces are needed and approximately how long the process will be. It varies from patient to patient, and this can be a big factor in the cost of braces.

Step 3 How Much to Get Braces

Sky Dental has a $99 treatment plan policy. That’s $99 down for those with orthodontic insurance or a $99 first payment with $200 down for those without orthodontic insurance. After that, the office works with you to develop financing based on your treatment plan. That’s what the best orthodontists do to keep your costs down, and we are happy to work with individuals and families to make this possible.

Our payment plans help you avoid using credit cards to pay for orthodontic treatments. If that’s how you pay for braces, the average cost is swamped by interest rates. We think your money should go to straightening crooked teeth and not to your credit card company.

Step 4 Cost of Braces Over Time

You will pay for braces over time. The monthly price won’t change when there are major activities such as putting on the braces. It will stay steady, helping you manage your budget. In other words, the cost of your braces won’t be affected by inflation or a change in our prices. Sometimes there are factors that could affect the total cost, but it doesn’t have to affect the monthly price unless you want to pay faster.

Step 5 Happy Mouth

While wearing braces, the patient will see the orthodontist on a regular basis to make sure there aren’t any problems and to make adjustments. This will be part of the overall price. When the braces come off, you’ll receive retainers to keep them straight. Our goal is to keep them straight for your lifetime.

Why Should You Spend Money on Braces?

Straight teeth are healthier teeth. There aren’t any gaps that can lead to shifting. Overlaps are eliminated, allowing you and your dentist to keep your teeth cleaner. Chewing is easier because your teeth and jaw are properly aligned. Studies have shown that straight teeth contribute to long term dental health.

Braces really do improve your health, even as they improve your look. A healthy mouth can chew the complex foods that are best for our body. This includes apples and other fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Getting Braces?

Orthodontics are the only way to straighten teeth. There are different styles for braces, but the cost of braces is the same for different styles. In fact, some modern styles cost more than traditional braces. You can learn about the cost of lingual braces and ceramic braces during your free orthodontic consultation.

Who Needs Low Cost Braces?

Teens aren’t the only ones who benefit from braces. Sometimes children who receive orthodontic care before their adult teeth have fully emerged can reduce the time they spend in braces or eliminate the need for braces.

Furthermore, we see many adults who want braces. They want to fix problems in their mouth and enjoy a healthier life with a better smile.

Find out about the cost of braces at the Sky Dental office near you. Make an appointment for your free orthodontic consultation.