If you ask your dentist in Phoenix, orthodontics will be your best option for improperly positioned teeth and jaw. This is a brunch of dentistry that deals with problems like overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, spacing, misplaced midline and crowding of teeth. If you are to undergo such treatment, you will have to pass through several stages:

  1. Consultation Stage
    The initial appointment can last for about 30 minutes to one hour, or depending on your case. During the consultation, impressions of your upper and lower teeth will be taken through digital photographs and radiographs, and evaluation of your occlusion or bite will be done. Your orthodontist will then list down the concerns that need to be addressed and will discuss solutions and alternatives, and the possible risks and limitations. Additionally, fees and insurance benefits will also be tackled during this stage.
  2. Bonding/Banding Stage
    This is the stage when the braces are put on. This is a very intricate process where the bands and brackets are placed on your teeth. Your dentist will then glue the braces onto both your top and bottom sets of teeth. After a week, the spacers will be taken out, and the bands will be fitted and cemented in place. Then, wires will be fabricated and tied, and the patient will have the freedom to choose color elastics – used to hold the wire in the slot on the bracket. Oral hygiene and proper care will be discussed as well.
  3. Regular Adjustments Stage
    Routine appointments, typically every 4-7 weeks for at least half an hour, will be scheduled to enable your dentist to monitor progress or to do adjustments and wire modifications as needed. The braces are tightened, colored elastics are changed and broken brackets are replaced. Take note that for every instance that you get a broken bracket, the entire treatment will extend for another month.
  4. Debanding Stage
    After all the hard work, this is the stage when you can smile all you want as your braces are to be taken off. The brackets and bands are removed, the teeth is polished and final photographs are taken. An impression is also taken for the final removable retainers.
  5. Retainer Stage
    After the initial delivery of the retainers, an appointment will be set for further progress monitoring. Tightening and adjustments will be performed, and repairs for broken retainers will be done.
  6. If you are currently suffering from any of the cases mentioned earlier, your dentist will most certainly refer you to an orthodontist. Phoenix, AZ has lots of professionals and experts in such area who will gladly be with you every stage of the treatment.