At Sky Dental, our Phoenix dental clinic is proud to serve many children. Taking care of young people is an essential and meaningful part of what we do every day at our dental clinic Phoenix AZ. So we felt it deeply when we read that a Texas boy gained the ability to speak when he visited his dentist.

Our dental clinic Phoenix AZ can’t claim this miracle, but we can certainly celebrate it.

Phoenix dental clinicMason’s Story

Little Mason Motz had already beaten the odds. At 10 days old, he had suffered a brain aneurysm and survived. His parents had accepted that things would be difficult for him.

At age one, his parents put him in speech therapy, but little changed over the years. Only his Mom and Dad could understand his special way of communicating. To an untrained ear, Mason was only making noises. He wasn’t forming words that a person could understand.

His inability to speak clearly was explained by Sotos syndrome, according to his doctors. This disorder typically delays development and causes learning disabilities.

Then they went to see their dentist in Katy, TX. Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar was performing a routine procedure when she noticed a problem. The band of tissue under his tongue was too short. Plus, it was attached near the tip rather than further back where it belonged. She asked if she could address the issue.

The dentist received permission from Mason’s parents to perform a short procedure. Using a laser, she shortened the tissue known as the lingual frenulum. It only took ten seconds.

That night Mason’s parents were shocked that the boy’s speech was suddenly easy to understand. There’s more work ahead to help him catch up to other six-year-olds, but now there is hope. It’s all thanks to a smart dentist.

Stories like these are rare, but they do point up the importance of seeing a dentist regularly. Children have special issues that, if caught early, may make a difference in their lives today and in the future.

Children’s Dental Services at Sky Dental

At Sky Dental, we have three offices where you can find an affordable dentist in Phoenix. In addition to gentle dental teeth cleaning, our services include dental cleanings x rays and exams for children. Our dentists and hygienists will treat your child with special care, knowing that a trip to the dentist can be a source for anxiety.

Since we are experts at braces in Phoenix, we help children at all ages and stages of their mouth and jaw development. Your dentist may encourage you to consult our orthodontists before your child reaches their teen years. Early intervention can reduce the need for metal braces or address troubling jaw problems.

If you are looking for dentists with inhouse financing, Sky Dental is a good choice. We know that parents don’t always have the cash on hand to handle a child’s dental emergency. Our financing options make it more affordable.

If you have questions about dental care for children, please ask our staff. We want to be your family dentist. Choose one of our three locations to make an appointment.