When you have a loose tooth and consult dental offices in Phoenix, AZ, sometimes the requirement is removing the tooth. Teeth can also be lost by adults through injury or grinding teeth. However, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, periodontal disease is the number one reason for tooth loss.

Common Questions Arizonans Have About Dental Implants

Usually you have to visit your dentist, then after they pull your tooth or do an exam on your already missing teeth, you are referred to a dental surgeon to place the implants. We are excited to let you know that at Sky Dental Offices in Phoenix, AZ, we are able to do all of the work you need in our office. Think of us as your one-stop shopping spot for all of your dental needs! We not only do all of your dental exams, but we also have qualified specialists to complete your dental implants as well.

screw in dental implants

How will my dentist secure the implant?

The root of your tooth is replaced by the oral surgeon with a titanium piece which is the actual implant. Next, after the jaw heals and the implant bonds with the bone, a support post will be attached to the implant where the newly made tooth, or crown, will be placed.

In general, one implant is placed for one tooth, but if it is one of the large molars in the back of your jaw with two or three roots, larger implants will be used to replace these teeth. If a larger number of teeth are needed, your dental offices in phoenix can do what is called All-on-4 implants which can be combined to replace all of your upper or lower set of teeth. This is the modern alternative choice to dentures.

Get all your Dental work done in one office

When you have a loose tooth or have lost a tooth, you must act quickly. The faster you receive treatment, the better it will be for your overall oral health. Fortunately for you, Sky Dental’s exceptional DDS are able to evaluate your teeth with a dental exam and can also give you dental implants all in the same office if that is the needed treatment plan.

If you want to know more about your options for replacing your tooth, please get in touch with us to discuss a treatment plan at Sky Dental Offices in Phoenix, AZ, where we offer all the services you need for your most dazzling smile. Call your Sky Dental office today to confirm your scheduled appointment or to set up a new appointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon!