An old proverb tells us that all people smile in the same language.

A good smile sets other people at ease, creates a good impression, and makes life better

As for the person doing the smiling, it can lift a bad mood. In fact, scientific research indicates that intentionally smiling can help people feel better. Just the simple act of putting a smile on your face can lead you to feel happiness, joy, or amusement. Purposeful smiling changes brain chemistry. You brain releases the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin with a smile. These natural chemicals not only relax your body, but also lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

This is great to know, but if you hesitate to smile because the state of your teeth causes embarrassment, the knowledge won’t help much.  When you have a beautiful smile, showing your teeth is a good thing, but bad-looking teeth might make you want to keep your mouth closed. If that is so, some good-quality cosmetic dentistry could be life-changing.

Cosmetic dentistryA Phoenix AZ Dentist that Can Improve Your Smile

Bright, shiny, white teeth is an ideal that most people would like to realize. Television depicts people taking the tissue test, comparing the color of their teeth to a white tissue, with distressing results. But teeth can easily change color and become darker. Sometimes things that we do or drink speed the process, sometimes it is a matter of mileage – how long we have had the teeth.

However, discolored or stained teeth are not the only source of smile-hesitancy. Broken and diseased teeth are also unsightly. A person with broken, rotten or diseased teeth showing while talking or smiling projects an impression of not caring or of a backwoods hillbilly.

But you do care, and so does the Sky Dental Alliance. They have a wide variety of treatments that will help you gain the self-confidence that an attractive smile can supply.

Cosmetic Dentistry with a Phoenix AZ Dentist Helping You

With Sky Dental Alliance you have access to the highest levels of expertise and competence in a broad range of dental and medical specialties. Not only are you in good hands for general care, such as examinations, fillings, cleaning and the like, including pediatric dentistry for the kids, and basic stuff such as root canals, but they offer full-service orthodontia, as well.

But Sky Dental Alliance has a full range of cosmetic services to not only take care of your oral health, but to also make you look good.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Make Your Teeth Whiter?

The commercials want to convince us that toothpaste, will make teeth whiter. We see people doing the tissue test, and their teeth don’t match up, so a friends recommends a whitening toothpaste. Were it so simple! For dramatic effects and change, Sky Dental can either supply you with an at-home bleaching kit, or for longer-lasting results, may recommend professional in-office whitening treatment. The in-house treatment goes quickly enough you can do it on your lunch time. The practitioners are trained to remove even deep stains, ensuring that your teeth become white again and remain so.

Tooth staining comes in two forms, extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic staining occurs when the enamel (the outer layer of the tooth) is stained. Coffee, wine, cola or other drinks or foods can stain teeth. Smoking also causes extrinsic stains.

Intrinsic staining comes when the inner structure of the tooth (the dentin) darkens or gets a yellow tint, frequently resulting from childhood exposure to certain chemicals or from injury to the tooth.

Age related staining can combine elements of both extrinsic and intrinsic discoloring.  Dentin naturally yellows over time. The enamel covering the teeth gets thinner with age, allowing the dentin to show through. Finally, chips or other injuries can discolor a tooth, especially when the pulp has been damaged.

How Does a Veneer Make Your Teeth Look Better?

You Sky Dental Alliance doctor can attach veneers directly to existing teeth. These are semi-permanent porcelain fixtures that present a uniform white color across each row of teeth. The procedure works with two steps:

  1. The dentist first files and shapes the teeth to create the best foundation for the veneer. Patients wear temporary veneers (known as “bonds”) while the permanent veneers are made in a lab.
  2. About two weeks later, the dentist can attach the semi-permanent veneers. Semi-permanent means that they can last anywhere from 10-20 or more, years depending on care.

Veneers typically last longer than a whitening procedure unless the patient stops drinking coffee, tea or colored soft drinks altogether and does not smoke, Even some healthy foods, such as berries, can stain natural teeth. M

What Is Gum Shaping?

This quick treatment, often undertaken in tandem with veneers, shapes the gums to make teeth appear longer and improve a smile. Even without veneer work, many patients are great candidates for gum shaping as a way to brighten a smile by itself.

When Would Implants Be Beneficial?

Most often implants serve to replace a tooth or several teeth that were lost or diseased to the point they had to be extracted. But implants provide a wonderful cosmetic good, as well. They are a permanent solution when a tooth is missing or a front tooth that is misshapen as to be noticeable. You can read all about implants (and watch a video), and talk to your dentist whether they would work well for you.

How Can I Avoid Tooth Stains and Discoloration in the Future?

We mentioned earlier that several factors can contribute to discolored teeth, including coffee, tea, cola drinks, wines and certain fruits and vegetables (including apples, potatoes and berries, tobacco (smoking or chewing), but poor dental hygiene can also cause stains – so be sure to brush twice a day for sufficient time, floss, and use and antiseptic mouthwash. In addition, certain diseases can affect enamel (the hard surface of the teeth) and dentin (the underlying material under enamel) leading to tooth discoloration. And the possible of damage from a blow to teeth can happen both in childhood and as an adult.

By making a few simple lifestyle changes, you may be able to prevent teeth discoloration. For example, if you are a coffee drinker and/or smoker, consider cutting back or quitting all together. Also, improve your dental hygiene by brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash daily, and getting your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist every 6 months.

Your Peace of Mind

.There is no reason that your teeth should cause you embarrassment, any more than you should have to endure pain from tooth decay. Sky Dental Alliance can take care of either need. The dentists are all highly trained with long and varied experience, the offices are modern and very homey-comfortable, and the staff is tuned to your needs.

Let Sky Dental Alliance help you find the confidence you need to live they way you want.