Did you know seniors are the fastest growing U.S. population segment?  The population of people in the country aged 65 and older will increase from 35 million to 96 million by 2060 making up a quarter of the overall population. Cosmetic dentistry for seniors is a growing industry since not only will there be more seniors, those seniors are living longer as well.

At Sky Dental, we are able to handle all of your dental needs including cosmetic dentistry. Not only can our Phoenix cosmetic dentist provide your bi-annual check-ups, we can treat all of the possible problems detected during those appointments. We are able to pull teeth, do a root canal or crown as well as dental implants all in one office.

Cosmetic Dentist for Seniors and Elderly Dental Patients

Caring for oral health remains important as you age, and this includes not only keeping regular six month check-ups but also caring for the quality of your teeth and gums. The benefits of healthy teeth go far beyond just your smile. For seniors it means being able to maintain a healthy diet eating a variety of foods, experiencing more confidence when talking and laughing, and looking younger which boosts self confidence. When the time comes where you have problems with your smile, your Phoenix cosmetic dentist and the whole Sky Dental team can help.

dentist for seniors and the elderlyReasons Seniors Require Special Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment Options for Seniors

Whitening Treatments – If you are looking to brighten your smile due to stains and discoloration but otherwise have excellent oral health, this may be a treatment for you. Dental whitening can provide instant results and added confidence. At Sky Dental, our professional teeth whitening professionals are so fast with this treatment, they are often called “lunch break procedures.”

Veneers – This treatment is done in two steps providing semi-permanent porcelain which is affixed to your existing teeth. During the first visit, your teeth are shaped by filing to prepare for the veneer. Temporary bonds are affixed to your teeth to be in place while your veneers are created. In about two weeks, the semi-permanent porcelain veneers will be attached to your teeth. They can last up to 20 years depending on how well you care for them.

Gum Shaping – Sometimes gum shaping is done in conjunction with veneers. The shaping makes teeth appear longer improving appearance. At other times patents are good candidates for gum shaping alone to improve their smile’s appearance.

Dental Implants – In some instances, dental implants are recommended as a cosmetic procedure. It is a permanent solution to teeth that are missing, misshapen, broken or diseased. Implants do not move and once in place should be cared for in the same way as your natural teeth. They can be used to replace one or more teeth. There is also the All on 4 procedure which is an expansion of the dental implant. A hybrid device allows your surgeon to replace upper or lower teeth with four implants.

As you age, it is important to keep in mind that your oral health remains a critical part of your overall health. Studies have shown that keeping your gums in good shape may go a long way toward protecting your heart health making those six-month check-up appointments a necessary part of your health regimen. At those appointments, issues can be caught and treated early.

At Sky Dental, we will be happy to conduct a thorough examination, including x-rays and scans to assess what cosmetic treatments would be advantageous for your health and for your smile. Remember, we are able to do it all in one office.  

Call us to set up an appointment for evaluation to see what treatment plan will work best for you. We offer reasonable rates and easy financing. At Sky Dental, we look forward to helping you feel confident and ready to display your beautiful smile at any age.