dentists in phoenixGingivitis is the kind of gum disease you do not really want to have. This condition will inflame your gums, making it red and extremely sensitive. Yes, it is not that serious—yet. You might not even be aware of it, but it is very important for you to have it identified by your dentists in Phoenix as early as possible in order to contain the disease’s effects and prevent worsening over time. As such, what are the things you can do to at home to prevent gingivitis? Here are some simple tips:

Reducing stress actually helps in decreasing the risk for gingivitis, and according to the study by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), your dental health is linked to your stress levels. This is because the immune system is compromised when you are stressed, which makes it easier for bacteria to infect your gums. Also, research has revealed that stress levels are varied in a case to case basis. For instance, financial worries show the greatest increase of periodontal disease risk among people. As such, make sure your stress levels remain low.

Yes, brushing your teeth at least twice a day is a good regimen most dentists in Phoenix prescribe, but you need to add another activity to your daily routine. A sea salt solution best complements your ablutions—dissolving small amounts of sea salt in warm water and swishing it in your mouth for half a minute (spit it out and do not swallow) will greatly help in reducing gum inflammation as well as cleanse out the infections due to abscesses. Just repeat this activity several times per session.

They say that tea is very effective in fighting gum diseases. However, rather than drinking it, you can apply the tea bag directly to your gums. First, steep the tea bag in boiling water before removing it and letting it cool down until you are able to manage the heat. After that, hold it against the affected gum area and let it remain for five minutes. The reason for this is that the tannic acid in the tea bag will relieve the gum infection. This is more effective than drinking and it does notalso stain the teeth over time.

Now, these are very basic things you can do in case you have gingivitis, but dentists in Phoenix also recommend dental check-ups at least once per six. This ensures that your mouth’s health is maintained and that diseases are detected and treated before they get worse. This practice will guarantee a better oral health, which also impacts your overall well-being in general.