The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that the most chronic childhood disease is tooth decay.  The agency has determined that while poverty is a factor, this problem is widespread.  Dental sealants Phoenix AZ and fluoride varnishes are the best way to make sure your child isn’t a statistic.

The CDC reports that 10 percent of children ages 2 to 5 have an untreated cavity. About 13 percent of kids ages 6 to 11 have an untreated cavity.   If your child has a cavity, there’s only one way to find out. Sky Dental has three offices to serve you.  You can start the appointment process online or call us directly. 

The American Dental Association is recommending that patients visit their dentist early.  This may be as young as 1 year old.  Why? This problem starts early.  Babies can get bottle rot from the bacteria that is allowed to accumulate on their gums even before they get their teeth.  This damage continues as the child’s teeth erupt and grow.  Deterioration of baby teeth weakens the bone that will create the adult teeth. 

To prevent cavities in children, Sky Dental recommends a fluoride varnish.  This dental treatment isn’t painful or scary. It doesn’t take long, and it has good results.  The CDC says that this treatment alone reduces cavities by 33 percent in baby teeth.

Dental sealants are considered 80 percent effective at preventing later cavities.  These applications are applied to baby teeth.  It helps protect the teeth from rot and slows the progression of any existing decay.  If children keep their baby teeth until the Tooth Fairy says it’s time for them to go, their adult teeth are healthier.  

Often busy schedules keep children from developing good oral hygiene. Those same hectic schedules keep children out of the dentist’s office.  Parents are encouraged to carve out time for a better daily routine and regular six-month cleanings and exams. It will save time, money and teeth in the long run.

Preventing Cavities in Children

To recap, these are the best ways to prevent cavities in children:

  1. Don’t let the baby go to sleep with a bottle.
  2. Wipe baby’s gums regularly, especially before naptime and bedtime.
  3. Brush teeth as they emerge (no fluoride yet).
  4. Bring your toddler to the dentist for a checkup.
  5. Teach children to brush and floss regularly.
  6. Minimize candy, sugary foods and sugary drinks.
  7. Have fluoride varnish applied if needed.
  8. Get dental sealants to protect baby teeth.
  9. Make regular visits to the dentist hygienist every six months.
  10. Use fluoride toothpaste when the child is old enough to understand not to swallow it.


Please bring your children to Sky Dental for a tooth cleaning and dental exam.  Our gentle hygienists will make them feel comfortable.  You will be setting them on the path to long-term dental health.