From sports-related trauma to toothaches you can’t ignore, most people will face a dental emergency sooner or later. There’s no reason to suffer and delay your treatment. Same-day appointments and affordable financing make getting the treatment you need for your dental emergency possible in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

What’s Constitutes A Dental Emergency?

Our mouths are full of structures, soft tissues and nerve endings that we barely notice until a problem arises. When something in our mouth hurts, it’s hard to ignore. A dental emergency is any instance of pain, trauma, bleeding, swelling or other concern that needs immediate treatment for your health and comfort.

Common dental emergencies include:

dental emergency phoenixDaytime Emergencies: What To Do

If you think you need to see a dentist, you probably should. The structures in your mouth are too important to risk, and any community-oriented practice will be happy to accommodate your dental emergency at their Phoenix offices.

If you or your child is experiencing discomfort, swelling, bleeding or recent oral trauma:

If you’re not sure whether your concern is an emergency, you can always call ahead and speak with a dental professional.

Late-Night Dental Emergencies in Phoenix: What To Do

It can happen to anyone. It’s midnight, and you don’t see the dog laying right in front of the bathroom door. The next thing you know, you’re face-down on the tile with a mouth full of blood and a missing tooth. Now what?

Follow these guidelines:

If you’re experiencing extreme pain, excessive bleeding or other severe symptoms, visit your local hospital right away for evaluation and temporary treatment. You’ll likely be directed to see your usual dentist first thing in the morning.

I’m Scared of Emergency Root Canal Procedures

Many people delay getting their toothaches treated because they’re scared of emergency root canal procedures. Root canal procedures got a bad reputation many years ago before pain management techniques were as good as they are today. Today’s procedures are virtually painless and actually eliminate the source of extreme toothaches.

Most toothaches are caused by dental decay exposing your tooth’s highly sensitive root. You may even have an infection putting pressure on or eating away at the root. Root canal procedures remove exposed root pulp. What isn’t there can’t hurt you anymore.

Extensive anesthetics are used to completely numb the area before your procedure begins. If you’re extremely nervous, ask about using gas-administered anesthesia when you call to make your emergency appointment.

Quick treatment is the key to preserving the health and function of your smile. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call one of our three offices to make an appointment now.