Worried about missing teeth? Fortunately, you live in an era where there is a more permanent solution than dentures. It’s called All on 4 dental implants. This treatment technique has been developed since the late 1970s, and due to advanced technology, is now a great alternative to dentures.

By the way, you aren’t alone. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, over 36 million Americans have no teeth. Why do so many of us lose teeth? This can happen from wear, injury, decay, disease and sometimes cancer.

All On 4 “Same-Day” Dental Implants

Usually you would be referred by your dentist to a dental surgeon to place the implants. We are excited to let you know that at Sky Dental Offices in Phoenix, AZ, we are able to do your evaluation, exam and All on 4 treatment in our offices. We are one-stop shopping for all of your dental needs!

If you have lost one or more teeth, it is very important that you schedule an appointment to get an assessment. Leaving a missing tooth to fend for itself ends up causing possible bone deterioration and disease.

All on 4 same-day dental implantsWhat Is All On 4 Dental Implants Procedure?

The All on 4 is a prosthodontic, which simply means the replacement of missing teeth, procedure. It can provide a permanent same-day replacement for the entire upper or lower set of teeth or both. That is why some offices call the All on 4 procedure “Teeth in a Day.” It is also known as implant supported hybrid procedures.

If you have one or two teeth missing, your permanent teeth would be replaced with a dental implant. The natural root of the tooth is replaced with an artificial titanium root. One of the great benefits to implants is your natural jawbone accepts the root and grows and strengthens around it. A small post or abutment is placed on top of the implant which is then covered with a crown. The crown is made to match your natural teeth in size and color.

The All on 4 procedure is an expansion of the dental implant. A hybrid device allows your surgeon to replace upper or lower teeth with four implants – thus the All on 4 name. It not only lessens the time it takes to have the surgery, but lessens your healing time as well. When it is required, sometimes an extra implant will be used to secure your teeth. There is also the possibility of teeth being pulled to make room for the implants. In some instances, the dental surgeon may use a bone graft.

Benefits Of All On 4 Procedure by an Expert DDS

The top benefit of the All on 4 treatment is better oral health for you. It is a permanent solution to your missing teeth and gives you stability in so many ways that dentures cannot provide. When you choose All on 4, these dental implants prevent bone loss which is a natural byproduct of loose or missing teeth.

The permanent solution also gives you teeth that feel and look like your natural teeth. You are able to brush and floss your teeth twice daily as recommended along with keeping regular cleaning appointments. Good oral hygiene will take care of the All on 4 teeth and when this is done, they can last a lifetime.

One of the most enjoyable benefits of the treatment is in your smile! Unlike dentures, your teeth will not move, slip or need any adhesive to stay put. You can speak, smile, laugh and eat with confidence.

What Will An All On 4 Implant Evaluation Be Like?

Our dentist will conduct a thorough examination, including x-rays and scans to assess the jaw structure and if there is any bone loss. If the All on 4 procedure is right for you, impressions will be made of your mouth and sent for use with the creation of your new teeth. Appointments will then be set up for the day of your procedure and follow ups. It is a big advantage to have all of your treatment done in one office!

CALL US TODAY to set up an appointment for evaluation to see if All on 4 will work for you. We offer reasonable rates and easy financing. At Sky Dental, we look forward to helping you feel confident and ready to display your dazzling smile.