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Why Do Adults Get a Loose Tooth?

Loose teeth in adults is not an uncommon event, especially if the person is 50 or older. Since this can indicate future tooth loss, a loose adult tooth should never be ignored. Our Phoenix AZ dental practice invites prospective patients to read the following brief blog discussing potential causes and possible treatments.

Why Do My Teeth Feel Loose?

In all instances, a loose adult tooth is caused by the tooth losing its attachment to the surrounding gums and oral structures. This might occur for several reasons, including:


A traumatic event, such as a serious fall or involvement in an automobile accident could jar teeth out of position. This may cause teeth to break, leaving an irregular space. Whether it’s a loose tooth or a broken tooth, it’s definitely a good idea to see your Sky Dental dentist as soon as possible. You may need emergency care, but you shouldn’t pay high prices at the ER. A dentist may fix the problem and address any pain.

Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs when bacteria, other pathogens, lingering food particles and potentially detrimental materials like plaque and tartar infiltrate the teeth and gums. As the disease process advances, gum lines could eventually recede, which can precipitate loose teeth. A loose tooth may also be accompanied by other red flags, such as pain, bleeding or sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages.

Teeth Grinding

The nervous habit of teeth grinding is a major reason that people have loose or lost teeth as adults. Over time, this continual pressure harms the teeth and makes them more susceptible to cavities and deterioration. If you do grind your teeth, you need to see our TMJ specialist to get a mouth guard.

What Should I Do If My Teeth Feel Loose?

The most important action an adult with a loose tooth should execute is to visit their oral care provider as soon as possible. A dentist will perform a thorough evaluation of the patient's mouth and may order diagnostic tools like X-rays to determine the underlying cause.

How To Fix A Loose Tooth

The specific treatment option a dental care professional employs will depend upon the exact precipitating factor. That said, in many instances, a dentist will likely be able to fix said oral component.

Should the loosening be elicited by some type of injury, an oral care provider might employ an action known as bonding. During this process, the loose tooth is fitted with a splinting device, which is geared to keep the structure firmly in place.

In cases of gum disease, a dentist or periodontist can clean the impacted tooth and clear associated gum infections. Sometimes, once infections are eliminated, receding gums will regenerate and reaffirm surrounding teeth. In more severe instances, an oral care provider might perform a surgical procedure known as grafting, which is designed to stimulate gum regrowth.

Unfortunately, occasions might arise where the impacted tooth cannot be saved. When that’s the diagnosis, numerous dental experts have determined that the best course of action is to remove the loose tooth or teeth. Then you will want to talk to your Sky Dental dentist about filling the new gap with a dental implant.

Can Adults Prevent Loose Teeth?

Accidents are not always preventable, but there are many ways you could be and should be protecting your teeth. For instance, issues like grinding might be overcome through the use of mouth guards.

Furthermore, some gum disease can be prevented simply by adhering to optimal dental hygienic practices, like brushing at least twice per day, flossing once or more each day, using mouthwash and obtaining routine dental care. Sometimes gum disease isn’t preventable, but it is treatable. There are ways your dentist can clean your teeth to keep gum disease from cause loose and lost teeth.

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Individuals experiencing loose teeth or any other dental problem are encouraged to contact our Phoenix AZ dental offices. One of our experienced and professional oral care providers can perform a comprehensive examination, determine the underlying cause and offer suggestions on the most appropriate treatment options. Contact us online or by phone.

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