Affordable Braces Phoenix From Your Sky Dental Orthodontist

braces Phoenix orthodontist

If you are looking for affordable braces, visit your Sky Dental Phoenix orthodontist.  We offer the best choices for teenagers and adults. Our full-service AZ orthodontics include dental appliances for children and adults as well as full braces. A straight, healthy smile is just a phone call away with your Sky Dental “orthodontist near me”.

Phoenix Orthodontist + Dentist = Complete Oral Health Care

1. Orthodontics and Dentistry, A Natural Pairing

At many of our offices, Sky Dental pairs Phoenix orthodontic care with full dental care on site. There are no complicated record transfers and no hassles. You can feel at home knowing everything is being handled by a network of dental professionals you know and trust. Call our office to schedule your free consultation.

phoenix braces2. Financing for Braces

We realize that orthodontic treatment is an expense, and our patients need help to handle the cost.  Many of our customers don’t have insurance plans that cover braces.  Our financing program eliminates the red tape and makes braces available to more families at their conveniently located Sky Dental office.

3. Without Dental Insurance: Braces start at just $99 with a $200 down payment

4. With Dental Insurance: Braces start at just $99 with no down payment

You don’t have to pay for an office visit to get an estimate. Your initial consultation, including x-rays, is free. Our orthodontist will evaluate your situation and present you with an accurate treatment estimate upfront to let you make an informed decision.  All Sky Dental providers are especially well-trained and adept at diagnosis and treatment to straighten your teeth.

phoenix orthodontics5. Same-Day Braces Phoenix

While we love seeing our patients, we know you don’t want to make more trips to the office than is absolutely necessary. With our special same day braces for kids and adults, the initial fitting process can be done in as little as two appointments.

Choosing Your Braces Phoenix: Metal Braces vs. Invisalign

No two mouths are the same, and everyone has their own needs and personal preferences when it comes to dental devices.  At Sky Dental, we can offer a choice in traditional and invisible braces. Patients of all ages deserve a beautiful smile. Contact us today about your braces in Phoenix Arizona.

braces for kidsMetal Lingual Braces

Traditional braces are still popular, but they have changed for the better. Unlike the “brace face” orthodontics of decades past, today’s metal brackets are sleeker, more comfortable and even trendy thanks to celebrity press. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colored bands to show of your style. Your orthodontist will see you every 4 to 6 weeks for a check-up, adjustment and band swap.

Invisible Braces

The “invisible braces” treatment plan is different. It uses a series of clear liners that you change out every few weeks. These hidden braces are not unlike an ultra-thin night guard.  How long you continue to wear braces will depend on your needs and treatment goals.  Metal braces and Invisalign usually need to be worn for the same duration.

When it comes to braces, your Sky Dental Office is your first stop in Phoenix, AZ.

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