How Can You Find A Sunday Dentist

Tooth emergencies aren’t limited to week days. An aging tooth may suddenly cause alarming pain. Or, you may be playing softball and take one in the teeth. Fortunately Sky Dental is prepared to be your Sunday Dentist.

Dentists Open on Sundays

On call for dental emergencies, Sky Dental has four locations now to serve your needs. When you can’t stand the pain, you can get the help you need. Our dentists are well-trained in emergency tooth care of all kinds, and we will take care of your problems. Please call Sky Dental even if it’s Sunday. Don’t suffer when there is help close at hand.

Knocked-Out or Loose Adult Tooth

If an injury has knocked out or loosened an adult tooth, there’s no time to waste. A dentist open on Sunday is needed to reset the tooth. Quick action should save the tooth, sparing you from needing a dental implant or other replacement.   There are more solutions than ever before when it comes to saving a tooth. Don't wait until it's too late.  A damaged tooth will experience accelerated decay leading to tooth loss.

dentist open on sundayChipped or Cracked Tooth

There are different reasons that teeth chip. A person may chip a tooth while playing sports or working outdoors. However, it may happen while eating if a tooth is weak. A tooth may crack due to age. In each of these examples, it is important to get dental help to ensure that the tooth doesn’t suffer further damage. You don’t want to lose a tooth if it can be saved.

Bleeding Teeth

A bleeding tooth may indicate infection or disease. Furthermore, an injury may not cause obvious tooth damage, but if the area around it is bloody, the tooth may be in jeopardy. Tooth roots may have been knocked loose from the bone. Then it becomes important to act quickly.

Painful Teeth

Often the need for a Sunday dentist in Phoenix is due to pain. This can be the result of an injury or it may indicate the need for a root canal or a cavity filling. A dentist can assess the situation and relieve your suffering.  You may need antibiotics to stop an infection before you get dental care. This makes it imperative to be in touch with the dentist as soon as your teeth are causing you pain.

Pediatric Dental Care

Children may need emergency dental service on a Sunday. Sky Dental pays special attention to our youngest patients, and we are happy to take care of your child.  Our team prides itself on being gentle, and that goes double when we are working with our youngest patients. We want children to feel comfortable with dental treatment. That will encourage better lifetime habits, according to the American Dental Association.

Insurance Issues

Even if you don’t have insurance, you may need a dentist on Sunday. You can get financing through our office. A payment plan makes it easy to get the services you need, even on the weekend.

Find a Sunday Dentist

Getting the care you need starts with a phone call to Sky Dental. Our staff is prepared to handle your dental emergencies. You may also contact us online.