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Crowns can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Patients need an existing tooth to place the crown over, although your dentist will likely need to file and shape the natural tooth to make it the best foundation possible. Getting dental crowns in Phoenix is an excellent option for repairing broken, cracked, misshapen, or severely stained teeth.

In some instances, they are a preferred option over implants and/or dentures because you’re retaining at least part of your natural tooth—and keeping as many natural, healthy teeth as you can is a wise move.

Dental Crowns Improve Your Teeth

Getting crowns in Phoenix AZ is relatively easy, fast, and non-invasive at Sky Dental. However, you will likely need at least two appointments since your crown will need to be carefully crafted in a lab to ensure it’s the perfect size, shape, and color to complement the rest of your smile. In your first appointment, your Phoenix dentist may make molds, take X-rays, and file the tooth that will be crowned. This data is sent to the lab and your crown begins processing. In some instances, such as if you’re getting a crown on a front tooth, you may be fitted with a “bond” (temporary crown) purely for aesthetics.

Why are Dental Crowns Used?

There are three main ways that dental crowns are used.

  1. To strengthen a tooth after a root canal.
  2. To cap a tooth that is weakened by time/use
  3. To create the tooth in a dental implant

The Royal Touch

Crowns can last as long as your natural teeth depending on what material they are made of and how you care for them. Your Phoenix cosmetic dentist will help you choose from a variety of materials including porcelain-fused-to-metal, stainless steel, 100 percent metal (including gold), resin, and ceramic. All have pros and cons. Resin, ceramic, and porcelain most closely match natural tooth colors and are often the top pick for any visible teeth. However, they’re not as strong as other options, like metal.

Some materials last longer than others, some are stronger, and their cost ranges widely. A reputable dental office will work with your insurance company (if applicable) and it’s possible that policies may cover part or all of crown procedures. However, compared to other tooth replacement options, such as implants and veneers, crowns are more affordable in case you are paying out of pocket.

Your Final Appointment

Placing the crown on your tooth is very fast, non-invasive, and pain-free. Since the natural tooth has already been shaped, it’s simply a matter of cleaning the natural tooth and securing the crown with a special type of dental cement. You can then treat your crowned tooth just like your other teeth when it comes to eating and hygiene.

Some patients are wary of brushing or flossing their crowned teeth, but this is a big mistake. Your crowned tooth needs good oral hygiene just like the rest of your teeth!  A healthy mouth takes work!

The better care you take of all your teeth, including crowns, the healthier your mouth will be and the longer the teeth will last.  Call Sky Dental today to make an appointment.  You can find the closest office by clicking here.

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