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misaligned teeth

Why Should You Fix Misaligned Teeth?

Many people believe that fixing their smile will improve their appearance and self-esteem. While that's true, it's not the only reason to correct the problem. Misaligned teeth are more than a cosmetic issue. They could lead to other, potentially serious, health problems. Getting misaligned teeth fixed won't just improve your smile; it could protect your...


How To End Your TMJ Headache?

An unpleasant and sometimes life-limiting condition called temporomandibular disorder, often abbreviated as TMD, can produce a disconcerting symptom called a TMJ headache. Sometimes patients don’t even realize that the headache is caused by TMD. They just know they keep experiencing headaches. Your Sky Dental Phoenix dentist and TMJ specialist wants you to realize that an...

teeth bleaching

Teeth Bleaching Dos And Don'ts

Many people dream of having a set of shiny, white teeth. Such attributes often indicate a clean healthy mouth. Moreover, a handsome smile improves your general appearance. Your Phoenix dentist would like to stress that this dream could become reality through a process known as teeth bleaching. That said, this same oral care provider cautions...

braces for adults

Cosmetic Dentistry for Seniors

Did you know seniors are the fastest growing U.S. population segment?  The population of people in the country aged 65 and older will increase from 35 million to 96 million by 2060 making up a quarter of the overall population. Cosmetic dentistry for seniors is a growing industry since not only will there be more...

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