Are You Looking for a Dentist Open on Saturday?

While it is hard to find a regular dentist open on Saturday in Phoenix AZ, we may be able to accommodate you.  Sky Dental has multiple locations that serve the Phoenix and Glendale area. We have emergency hours and can help you with dental emergencies.  

Dental problems can cause considerable pain and may need to be addressed as quickly as possible.  As such, Sky Dental offers a flexible schedule where we try to meet your needs on your terms. High-quality dental services aren’t limited to Monday through Friday.

dentist open on saturday in phoenix az

Common Reasons to Consult with Phoenix Dentist Open on Saturday

While we aren’t always in the office, our dental practice may be available to see you on a Saturday.  After all, a tooth emergency happens on its own schedule. Our staff will be honest with you about how to handle your particular dental problem. It may be that there are ways to reduce pain and keep you out of the dental chair until Monday.  There are some emergencies, however, where waiting isn’t smart. Either way, it starts with a phone call to Sky Dental dentist open on Saturday.

Emergency Dental Offices Open on Saturday Near Me

There are four main reasons that dental patients need to consult with a Sky Dental Phoenix dentist open Saturday.  Pain, swelling, bleeding, and injury are the top of the list. However, you may simply want a Saturday appointment for convenience.


There are a number of causes for a toothache.  If it’s a result of decay, then it may be a cavity or, more likely, an indication that a root canal is needed.  Another reason is an impacted tooth which has come into the mouth at an angle. This is most common with wisdom teeth. Mouth pain is a common reason that people want to find a dentist open on Saturday.


Swelling indicates infection around tooth decay. It can also be the result of an injury.  Either way, it may indicate the need for a Saturday dentist.


There is no clearer indication of a bad dental situation than when your mouth is bleeding. It becomes an emergency if the bleeding is constant and cannot be stopped. Sometimes this is due to injury, but there are natural causes that may lead to bleeding as well.  The American Dental Association offers some good information about common dental emergencies.


If you or your child has hurt your mouth in a sports injury or other accident, it may pay to act immediately to address the problem. Tooth loss may be stopped if a dentist can attend to the mouth quickly.  Sometimes you just can’t wait for a weekday dental appointment.

phoenix dentist open saturday24 Hour Pediatric Dentist

When a child is in distress due to dental emergency, parents need to find help quickly.  Sky Dental sees many children at our three offices, and we are eager to serve your child’s needs.  As family dentists, we know that patience and gentleness are important to gaining the trust of a youngster.  Dentists can seem scary especially to a child in pain.

For more information about Saturday dentist office hours, check with the staff at Sky Dental. We want to address your dental problems quickly. Request an appointment.